Hey ! 👋🏼 I’m Joe, a Paris-based UX-oriented Digital Project Manager, currently working @Colorz

Selected Work

Find below somes valuable projects
I had the chance to work on!

Crédit Argicole


24 years old UX-oriented digital producer with +3 years of experience, I have the ability to learn project management processes quickly.

I work with clients, designers, developers and anyone else involved, making sure everyone and everything is aligned.
I plan, budget, and bring discipline & clarity.

Others clients I worked for :
Hermès, Lõu.Yetu, The Socialite Family, Kujten Cashmere, Valtus Management, Milk, Peugeot, Plumeti, Paris Capitale.


Three complementary minds ready to craft meaningful digital experiences for you. From project management to experience & product design.

UX UI Designer / Front-End Developer
Mathieu Blok

UX UI Designer / Front-End Developer
Mathieu Blok